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When visiting Scotch Macaskill's web site you will find some of the most important reasons why we need to protect the wildlife on this earth. When visiting his site please remember the photos are under copyright and cannot be used without his permission .

Thank you Scotch for all of these beautiful photographs. (All photos depicting wild animals are from Scotch's collection.) Visit Scotch at http://www.wildlife-pictures-online.com/index.html

We would like to thank the logo designer Liz Burns (Local Vegan Artist) for the great logo. Thanks Liz for such a beautiful and professional logo.

These great S.A.V.E. photos would have not been possible without the help of Napoleon Thomas a S.A.V.E. photographer. Thanks Napoleon for all of your hard work.

The beautiful photos being used on the 'No More Homeless Pets" page are photos by Michael. Thank you Michael for allowing us to use your photos. Anyone wanting to visit his pages please go to:
http://www.pbase.com/indyboosler/birds, or http://www.pbase.com/indyboosler/critters.

S.A.V.E. would like to thank the contributors that have helped us to create this site. From the beautiful photos from Scotch Macaskill in South Africa to the graphic designer that designed S.A.V.E.'s new logo, and friends who have sent in photo's of their loving creatures, to the photographer that came to our events to help.

Below is a brief statement about these contributors.
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