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5 to 10 million dogs and cats will die each year because of people not living up to their responsibilities. Because people don't get their dogs and cats neuter and spayed, these beautiful creatures will end up in a shelter where their only fate is death. With so many unwanted dogs and cats, there just aren't enough homes for them all.

Below is a video that will show you what it is like to be a 'shelter dog or cat.'
Graphic images may not be appropriate for children as we watch the process of animals being euthanized at the shelter. It is meant to provoke a strong emotional response to motivate people to take action.

We want to thank Roxie Video Productions for this video.

The number of innocent dogs and cats being killed each year is staggering, and something must be done about it. We as a nation cannot continue to kill these creatures because people refuse to DO THE RIGHT THING. The laws must be changed in order to stop these killings. As a civilized country, we should do a better job of caring for these creatures.

If you feel uncomfortable watching this video, then do something about this. Write to your elected officials and demand that they stop puppy mills, and that they spay and neuter all dogs and cats in their states. This is a state problem and they must help in order to stop these killings.

These creatures deserve so much better. We must